What They Say


“I have met many recruiters over the past 14 years – and I have never worked with someone as thorough, thoughtful and smart as Lisa. She isn’t about putting body into seats. She’s about the right fit for the company AND the candidate. She answers her phone calls, discusses any concerns and responds quickly. She’s about building teams. She is a trusted confidante for both client and candidate. I think she should open a school on how to be a real recruiter! I would work with her any day.”

– Vice President, San Francisco, CA


“Lisa is a very talented staffing strategist that I would recommend to any corporation seeking staffing counsel. What is most impressive about Lisa is her ability to maintain an accurate, real-time pulse on national and local/regional business trends across public relations, advertising and marketing industries. Lisa is also highly connected to key players and various industry leaders, stemming from her years of experience on both the agency and corporate sides of the business. Lisa consistently provides highly-targeted candidate pools for candidate searches at all levels.”

-Sr. Vice President, Chicago, IL


“Lisa listens. She understands and has great insights, and makes great connections for people. I highly recommend Lisa as a recruiter and counselor.”

-Sr. Vice President, New York, NY


“I came into contact with Lisa when I was looking for a new PR agency role. She was extremely committed to finding the right fit for me, and very thorough in her follow-up as I went through the interview process. She delivered a lot of value as a recruiter, and smoothed my path to my new job.”

-Vice President, San Francisco, CA


“Lisa was a wonderful colleague and gifted communicator. She is bright, articulate and incredibly talented, bringing all of her marketing and communication talents to the vast world of recruitment. Lisa is a consummate professional and I strongly recommend her for your talent acquisition or career connection needs.”

-HR Manager, Chicago, IL



“Lisa Frank is a recruiting superstar – she is somebody who goes to any lengths for her clients (on both sides of the coin), and is relentless in getting the job done right. Lisa is smart and somebody you can trust with your career/agency talent search – she is also a genuinely good person and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

-Vice President, Chicago, IL



“Lisa is the ultimate professional and ideal person to aid in your career quest. Her dedication to detail, enthusiasm, and steadfast approach ensure a successful outcome. Whether it is switching occupations, transitioning into an entirely different field, or starting from scratch, Lisa easily adapts to your needs. She effortlessly tailors your skillset and expands your mind to endless possibilities. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge given her extensive background in both recruiting and the non-profit world. Working with her provides a sense of calm and relief. She is your biggest advocate and supporter. Lisa encourages stepping outside of your comfort zone as well as attending various networking events. She implores you to envision a new workplace environment and set your sights high in achieving all of your goals. LBF Recruitment Strategies is a one-stop shop for guidance, advice, and overall excellence in career coaching. Take it from a very satisfied customer.”

-Courtney A., Author & Program Manager


“I’m a freelance Makeup Artist and Hairstylist, and I recently hired Lisa to help me with my business. Freelance is a non-stop push to get new clients and to nurture current relationships. It can be difficult to stay motivated and to come up with fresh ideas. I am so happy with the work-mode she’s put me in; the positive motivation and drive I now have is definitely attributed to Lisa! Her personable, professional, yet direct approach lets you know what you’re doing right, and what to stop doing. I feel so much more confident and focused thanks to her. She’s goes above and beyond, so that YOU are the best you can be. I HIGHLY recommend (and have) hiring her for any kind of business venture, especially for small business and entrepreneurs like myself, or anyone looking for a new position. Thanks Lisa!”

-Hillary F., Business Owner



“Lisa truly has her finger on the pulse of the job market. She’s insightful and knowledgeable about a wide array of industries. She has a keen understanding about employers, hiring managers, and the qualities that make for a successful candidate. Lisa has an aptitude for developing networking strategies and creating goal oriented opportunities. I would strongly recommend Lisa for anyone who wants to develop and fine tune their career path.”

– M.K, Sr. Consultant, Risk & Compliance


“From our first session to our last, Lisa listened with compassion and believed in me. She gave me insight into my personality, renewing my perspective on how I respond to different situations and people. Affirming my skills and qualifications, she was my number one cheerleader throughout my job search. Thanks to Lisa, I know how to respond to the dreaded interview question “Tell me about yourself,” Not only did she offer me guidance on how to advance my career, but she also advised me how to achieve a balanced life.”

– Dena G., Grants and Planning Associate


“Lisa was very professional and gave great insight into each situation, while also being compassionate and understanding of her client’s situation. She was very accessible and even continued communication after our coaching sessions were completed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a boost in their career path and their lives.”

– Mike J, MSW


“I was lucky enough to find Lisa through a mutual friend and how happy am I that we were able to connect. She is one of the most talented and honest people I have ever met. A master in the industry, Lisa is extremely motivating, dedicating, and shows extraordinary leadership skills. She is extremely personable and truly cares about the nature of her clients. She has transformed my way of thinking and has motivated me to be the best person I can be. I would recommend Lisa’s services to anyone I know and has been a true pleasure to work with.”

-Sales & Marketing Manager, Chicago, IL


“Most of us don’t usually consider all the possibilities that careers can bring to our respective lives, i.e. that which we should be doing in a way that fully-maximizes and addresses our skills, interests and passions.

Lisa will listen and then challenge you to explore your career/life options. She will also advise on which choices you need to make. Herein is where you will learn more about how to achieve better results in your life (whatever those results may uniquely be for you yourself). She will provide candid, creative and highly-credible counsel to improve work/life balance. Professional advancement or changes may be the focus when you meet with Lisa. But the end result will always be a clear road map identifying and leading to more positive opportunities, many of which you never previously-thought were even possible!

Lisa’s expertise in marketing, sales and PR fields was a huge plus for me. So too was her direct, but also personable and supporting counsel. After meeting with Lisa, I consider her more of a good friend than an expert career counseling and search placement professional (which she also happens to be). That’s why I strongly recommend Lisa for anyone looking to make a change in their lives, both personally and professionally.”

– Pete S., MBA & Director Integrated Marketing


“Lisa is one of the most intelligent, kindhearted, and generous people I know. When I moved to Chicago, Lisa displayed empathy by listening to my aspirations and immediately diving in to help me. Her guidance, insight, and support not only eased my transition into this new city, but also helped me develop and gain valuable life skills. Lisa cares and strives to make a positive impact in people. She is an amazing individual that identifies a person’s needs and wants, and educates you on how to achieve them. Lisa is trusting, personable, and wise; she is my mentor, my friend, and my life coach.”

– Ellie J. Business Continuity Coordinator, Chicago, IL


“Lisa is a knowledgeable, supportive professional who is a pleasure to work with. She goes above and beyond to ensure that your needs are not only met, but exceeded. Lisa is helping me perfect my resume and has provided value advice about my career. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for exceptional career advice and a new, attention-grabbing resume. Thank you, Lisa!”

– Linda C., Director of Marketing


“I am lucky to have met Lisa and to have had the opportunity to have sessions with her as a life coach. Lisa is a truly special human being, and has an incredible ability to look through a story and piece away the superfluous information to get to the core/root of the problem. With amazing perspective and insight about self and relationships, Lisa is an amazing guide, and I am grateful to have had the chance to meet her and work with her 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, I give Lisa the highest recommendation to anyone looking to get clarity and a plan of action for dealing with a crisis, a crossroads, or just general guidance on how to improve yourself and your life.”

-Digital Marketing Strategist, Chicago, IL