LBF Recruitment Strategies

“Lisa Frank is a recruiting superstar – she is somebody who goes to any lengths for her clients (on both sides of the coin), and is relentless in getting the job done right. Lisa is smart and somebody you can trust with your career/agency talent search – she is also a genuinely good person and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”- David, Vice President, Chicago, IL

LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC is a women-owned, executive search and career coaching firm founded in 2012 by Lisa B. Frank. LBF matches exceptional talent with companies of all sizes (startup/boutique, mid-sized, large), nationwide.

LBF specializes in recruitment for the following industries:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media/Digital
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofit

In addition to search, LBF provides one-on-one career and life coaching to assist those who are at a crossroads, feeling stuck or unsure of their next steps.  LBF also consults with startups and nonprofits to help them better understand and determine their hiring needs and talent acquisition strategies so they attract the right talent to their organizations.