LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC Certified By The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC, an independent executive recruiting and career coaching firm, is proud to announce national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the Women’s Business Development Center, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

“We are so honored to have received these certifications as a women-owned business,” said Lisa Frank, Founder and CEO of LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC. “Today, the value of diversity in the hiring process, and in the overall workplace, is more prominent than ever. As we speak to top talent, they consistently remind us how important it is that their current and/or future employers are committed to diversity and corporate social responsibility – both internally, and with who they choose to work with, externally. These certifications will allow us to expand our reach, and to partner with more corporations and organizations who share these values.”

WBENC’s national standard of certification implemented by the Women’s Business Development Center is a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection. The certification process is designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women.

By including women-owned businesses among their suppliers, corporations and government agencies demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and the continued development of their supplier diversity programs.

To learn more about LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC, please visit

About LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC:
LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC is a women-owned,  independent, nationwide executive search and career coaching firm. It matches top talent with exceptional companies of all sizes, specializing in the public relations, communications, marketing, startup, and nonprofit industries. LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC also offers career coaching services for those in need of guidance and support in navigating today’s job search and career path processes. 

About WBENC:
Founded in 1997, WBENC is the nation’s leader in women’s business development and the leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women, with more than 13,000 certified Women’s Business Enterprises, 14 national Regional Partner Organizations, and over 300 Corporate Members. More than 1,000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands as well as many states, cities, and other entities accept WBENC Certification. For more information, visit

About WOSB:
The SBA’s WOSB Federal Contract Program provides greater access to federal contracting opportunities for WOSBs and economically-disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs). The Program allows contracting officers, for the first time, to set aside specific contracts for certified WOSBs and EDWOSBs and will help federal agencies achieve the existing statutory goal of five percent of federal contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs.

Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Get Your Career Back on Track

Photo Credit: Natalia Maximova/iStockphoto

“I was so excited about this job when I started it. I’ve had really valuable experiences here, but now I just feel like I’m ‘over it.’ I’m bored. I’m not as motivated to do my best work. I don’t look forward to coming to work in the morning. There isn’t a path for me here. I’m not challenged. Maybe I’m not good at anything else. I’m working so many hours a day, there isn’t time to see my family, let alone look for another job.”

“I know it’s time to move on, but where would I even begin? I’m STUCK!” 

Sound familiar? Don’t worry – I promise you are not alone (although it may feel that way right now). This is all completely normal. Professionals at all levels, with all types of backgrounds and experiences, share these thoughts with me – almost daily.

Even so, feeling stuck when it comes to your career is a REAL thing. And it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and something that usually seems easier to put off… until you just can’t take it any longer. While it can take time to figure out your next move, you don’t have to wait until it becomes an unbearable situation to take action.

Here are some tried and true tips to get you unstuck and headed towards the next stop on your career journey.

  1. Step Aside: First things first, get out of your own head. Things tend to be so much worse when we are highly emotional about them – and feeling stuck in a job you don’t like can certainly be emotional. Get back to the facts with questions like: why did you initially choose to come to this current role/company? Have you achieved those things? Your boss might be a nightmare, but what aspects of your job do you like? Is there another role at your current company that would be a great new fit, or are you ready to move on altogether? What kind of accomplishments have you had or lessons have you learned during your time here, despite some of the challenges you’ve faced? How does this experience fit into your larger goals or greater purpose?
  1. Figure Out Where You’re Running: Are you running away from something or towards something right now? Often, when we are running away from something, we are so desperate to leave, that we don’t take time to figure out where we really WANT to be. Make time to uncover passions, interests and goals about where you want to be in 5-10+ years. Refocus your energy on where you are going and the value that you will bring, rather than on the quickest way out.
  1. Take Inventory: This is a big one. Get familiar with your skills, strengths, and successes. Start out easy. Grab a sheet of paper and have a freestyle brainstorm session with yourself (remember- there are no rules in brainstorming!). Once you start jotting stuff down, you’ll be surprised at how they start to flow. Keep the list handy – you’ll want to add to it over time. All of this information will eventually help you clarify your job search direction and will be helpful in networking, interviewing, and writing resumes and bios.
  1. Knock on your Network’s Door: This is key! Once you start your exploration process, reach out to your network and connect. I promise- people will help you if they can. Call your mentors. Find ways to meet other professionals, and reconnect with those you haven’t seen in a while. Grab a cup of coffee, or an after-work beverage, or meet up for lunch or even to watch game. Catch up, tell them what you are looking to do, ask for their insights or ideas, and identify ways you can help each other. You will be amazed at the opportunities that will come from it. But, you never know until you ask!
  1. Phone a Friend: Or a relative, mentor, spouse – anyone that loves you, but will be brutally honest with you at the same time. Someone who can commit to being “your person” during this process. Someone who will give you solid feedback, brainstorm with you, keep you accountable, prep you for interviews, attend networking events with you, and remind you how great you are when you need it most.

Frankly Speaking: As this year starts to wind down, we look towards the New Year with a fresh start. Especially for those of you feeling stuck, this an in ideal time to assess, evaluate and set new goals for months ahead. Carve out time for yourself – and stick to it. Reflect. Make a plan. Put the balls in motion. And keep them moving until you find what you’re looking for.


Lisa Frank is the CEO of LBF Recruitment Strategies, an executive search & career coaching firm. As a recruiter, connector and coach she offers a relatable and “Frank” approach to all aspects of life. Through her blog, Frankly Speaking, Lisa shares her insights, guidance and outrageous (but true) stories about career and life topics with plenty of humor, humanness and candor. Follow Lisa on LinkedIn or Twitter (@LisaBFrank) or visit

What to Wear to Your Dream Job Interview–and Nail It!

It was so great to sit down with fashion guru and founder of Ready Pretty, Jeannine Benoit Adams, to talk about how to dress for your dream job interview!

Check out our tips here, on The Everygirl!

Getting Business Casual Right


By: Jeannine Benoit Adams, Founder of Ready Pretty

This week, we’re collaborating with Ready Pretty, the online personal styling and shopping destination for women. Founder Jeannine Benoit Adams is sharing some of her favorite tips with us on how to step up your workwear wardrobe and dress for business casual the right way.  Learn more about Ready Pretty at and use code RP15 to receive 15% off your first service with a stylist.

Let me first start this out with, I’ve been there. Prior to starting Ready Pretty, I worked in advertising and public relations for more than a decade. I’ve seen the best and worst of the business casual environment. I get it, it can be tricky.  And let’s face it – we’re at work for 8 hours plus each day – can’t we just get a little cozy? The answer is yes. But comfort can’t translate to unprofessional. It’s a new world, and the rules for business casual have changed. So when your company calls for business casual, let’s all do ourselves a favor and adhere to a few hard and fast rules on dressing for the occasion.

Check out my Ready Pretty approved tips on how to rock business casual style all day everyday at your office.

Tip #1: Put a blazer on it

No, I don’t mean a stuffy sport coat or formal suit blazer. I mean a jacket or blazer over anything instantly polishes an outfit.  There are several great, fitted blazers from brands like J.Crew, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic that offer easy classics in neutral colors.  Want to jazz it up a bit? Opt for a blazer in a fun floral or stripe, or pick a rich hue like turquoise or green.  By simply throwing a blazer over a t-shirt even, you’ve up’d your style quotient in the quickest way possible.

Tip #2: There’s more to life than black pants

So many of our users get stuck in this world of black pants Monday through Friday and it’s not necessary. There’s more to wear than black pants at the office.  Think pattern and color and stripe, cropped and wide-leg and skinny! There’s a variety of black pant alternatives out there – key will be finding the right fit for your body (more on that below.)

Tip #3: Leave the leggings at home

I can’t stress this one enough. At work, there are pants and there are tights.  Trying to make the long sweater over leggings thing work, honestly just doesn’t. Don’t me wrong. I love a good pair of leggings, but in a professional setting (even the most casual) throw on a great pair of black denim instead and consider your outfit done.  Trust me on this – it’s a much more pulled together look that says ready for work, not ready for a workout (or nap).

Tip 4: A good shoe or necklace can do wonders

One of our favorite outfits options at Ready Pretty is pairing a fresh white t-shirt, well-fitting jeans and a bold necklace together.  Accessories are a great way to add polish and visual interest to an outfit in a quick and simple way. Several brands like BaubleBar or Olive + Piper offer great, inexpensive options that can take your look from super casual, to super cool business professional in an instant. Same goes for shoes – invest in a few classic pairs like a black and neutral pump, but then consider bringing cool textures, colors and silhouettes in to your outfits with footwear.

Tip 5: Find your fit

This one’s important. Too big and you look like a mess, too small and things start to look inappropriate.  Opt for fabrics that have a bit of stretch and stick to fitted, not tight pieces that flatter your figure. There are a variety of outfit options out there and a good tailor is always worth the money if you struggle with finding things that work for your body.

I think the biggest piece of advice that I can give you all would be two fold. First, dress like you care. What you wear everyday is important, it sets the tone about your personality and even suggests your abilities and skill level (in some instances) so dressing like you know what you’re doing can go a long way. And second, dress for the job you want. I’ve always dressed as though I was in a more senior role – even when I wasn’t – throughout my career. It allowed me to be taken seriously even as an Assistant Account Executive in my first gig way back when.  That said, dressing well does not need to break the bank. There are several retailers out there that carry affordable, stylish, business casual pieces that can help you to feel cool, confident and ready to take on the (work) day.

Need help reworking your work wardrobe? Head to Ready Pretty today and don’t forget to use code RP15 to receive 15% off.

Tell us, have you ever struggled with your workwear wardrobe? 

What Are Your 5 Greatest Accomplishments?


What are your five greatest accomplishments?

Seems like a pretty easy question to answer, doesn’t it?

So – go ahead – grab a sheet of paper and jot them down.

What’s that? You’ve got two or three, but now you’re feeling stuck?  And, you thought this would be a breeze….

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. 

This is the very first question I ask all of my coaching clients to have prepared prior to our first session, and 99% of them tell me that this was the most difficult question for them to answer.

So I started to wonder, how could that be? All of them had lifetimes full of exceptional things to be proud of – but when asked just to name five – they struggled.

After much thought and many conversations around this, it became clear to me that, first, many people don’t think that their accomplishments are actually accomplishments (apparently Imposter Syndrome is alive and well!).  Additionally, it reinforced that we spend so much time focused on what we don’t have, or on what’s missing from our lives, we completely disregard or minimize the actual things that we should be shouting from the rooftops.

It’s time for that to change. There is no better time than the present to take real inventory of your accomplishments!

  • Take Your Time: This is not a one-day exercise. You’ve done a lot more than you think! Reflect. Sift through your keepsake drawer. Open that folder on your computer filled with old company reviews and special emails. Reminisce with your parents, siblings, best friends and spouses. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve forgotten along the way.
  • Get Into The Details: Your accomplishments are in there – below the surface. The goals you’ve exceeded. What you’ve overcome. Your drive, dedication, character and persistence. Don’t gloss over the important stuff.
  • Write Them Down: Keep a list. This may sound cheesy, but it will come in handy.  Maybe when you need to update your resume, go on an interview, attend a networking event, write your own bio, or maybe when you need a little pick-me up after a few bad days.  This list won’t just remind you of the past; it’s a jumping off point for the future.
  • Don’t Be Shy: Get comfortable talking about the things you’re proud of. You’ve earned it. You don’t have to be “braggy” or obnoxious, but you certainly don’t have to feel embarrassed.  Serve up your accomplishments to a future hiring manger. Offer your expertise to a volunteer committee. Share your unique experiences at a networking event. Weave it into a relevant conversation. Stick to the facts. Connect the dots. Practice makes perfect.

Frankly Speaking: This all may seem very cheesy to you, but I promise it’s worth your time to consider. It may not be today, but there will come a time that you will feel stuck. Whether it be on your career path, or just at a fork in the road of life. Your updated list of accomplishments will prepare you to tackle those crossroads from a position of strength and confidence. They will remind you who you are, what you’re made and – if you look really closely – they will give you some insight into where you should go next.