Career & Life Coaching

Career & Life Coaching

Create a Fulfilling Life With A Frank Approach

LBF Strategies’ Career & Life Coaching guides each of our clients to achieve clarity, identify goals, discover passions, develop a personal brand, and create a path towards a purposeful, meaningful and successful career and life – all with a Frank approach.

Through her many years as a recruiter, and driven by her life-long passion and gift for helping others reach their true potential, Lisa Frank has developed an expertise in working with people of all professional levels and life stages to discover career paths, navigate the job search process, attain work-life balance, launch businesses, and make smoother life transitions. Because personal and professional lives are so interconnected, Lisa offers her clients a holistic coaching experience. Coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of each client.

To start, each client completes an initial assessment that sheds light on the specifics around career/life ambitions, accomplishments, and barriers to success. This helps to better define a plan of action for our work together.

We will continue with weekly, one-hour sessions that encourage you to be introspective and take action between sessions. From our work together, you can expect to:

  • Uncover ideal roles, career paths and passions through
    introspection, assessments & exercises
  • Identify short and long-term goals and develop action-oriented
    plans to achieve them
  • Develop your Personal Brand
  • Optimize your print and online marketing materials
    (resumes, cover letters, online profiles, etc.)
  • Strengthen your networking skills
  • Design and apply a strategic, tangible approach to the
    job search process
  • Receive 1-on-1 interview preparation and feedback
  • Learn how to effectively manage job offer negotiations


Career Coaching Programs & Fees:
• Individual Sessions: $150
• 4 Sessions: $550
• 8 Sessions: $995

Lisa Frank, CEO of LBF Strategies, LLC, is a certified Master Career Specialist with the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and is a regular contributor to print and online publications on topics related to career and business. Lisa is an active member several professional organizations & hosts networking events around the Chicagoland area.

“When looking to make a big change in my career, Lisa was extremely helpful in helping me to narrow and prioritize my goals, network in a structured manner, re-evaluate my resume and build a stronger one, and ensure I was confident in clearly communicating my background and skills. After working with Lisa, I went on to take a position that is a wonderful fit in the industry and city I wanted, and she was an integral part of that. I highly recommend Lisa as a professional coach.”

-Emily M., Account Director, Chicago


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