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Tales of The Entitled Job Seeker

We all know people like this.  We meet them at networking events and dinner parties. We listen to their stories and empathize with their unsuccessful job search efforts. So, we recommend them for job openings, or we carve out time to interview them, and sometimes we even

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Oh, the places I’ll go… if I could just get that interview!

“So, do you think I’m marketable?” I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked this question.  Whether it be by recent grads entering the workforce, by working professionals with exceptional credentials and solid experience, by unemployed folks actively seeking their next role, and by entrepreneurs trying

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When You Least Expect It

“When you least expect it.” Those go-to, sage words of wisdom that people inevitably share with you when you’re feeling single and alone, or panicked because business is slow, or when you are just in an overall life rut.  They say it with that reassuring smile like

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Ctrl + Alt + Delete

So, here we are. Entering into the final two weeks of 2012. I started this blog at the beginning of this year- Leap Day, to be exact – and my, oh my, how unknowingly symbolic that actually was. This year has been full of leaps that 10

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When Gifts Arrive in Unexpected Packages

Ever since we can remember, we were taught to wish, pray and dream about the things we really, really wanted.  As kids, we just figured that if we blew out all of the birthday candles in one breath, or left the best cookies and milk for Santa,

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The Blessing and The Curse of Loyalty

Loyalty. It’s one of those untouchable, selfless, highest-on-the-list-of-importance values that everyone strives for in any relationship. Whether it be in the workplace, with a spouse, or within our circles of friends – we often use the word “loyal” to describe those we hold most precious to us.

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Chasing Your Future

Admittedly, I’ve been a little MIA from the blogosphere recently.  It’s not that I haven’t had anything good to share –that’s hardly the case in my world. But, every time I sat down to put my thoughts to the keyboard, my mind started racing in a million different

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The Talent Drought

I’m sure that many of you are wondering where I might be going with this “forecast” when unemployment numbers are higher than we’ve ever seen in our lifetime.  But, just as the great recession storm blew in with great force leaving many jobless with little warning, the

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When Is “When?”

“I’ll look for a new job when…” “I’ll go on that vacation when…” “I’ll go to the gym when…” “I’ll start my own business when…” Sound familiar?  Yeah, to me, too.  Perhaps it’s because I have a birthday coming up and I’m in the mode of assessing

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Frankly, It’s Friday: Job Numbers Day

It’s the first Friday of the month. For most, it’s just like any other Friday – focused on getting through one more day of the work week to enjoy a short, well-deserved break.  For me, it’s another one of those Fridays where I wake up, glued to

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