Executive Search & Recruiting

Executive Search & Recruiting

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“Our people are the most important asset, without them we are nothing. Finding Lisa to be an extension of who we are, what we represent in our mission and values, is key. I would not entrust many outsiders with such an important role unless they earned it and she has, 5 times over to date.” – Shannon, Vice President -Administration, Washington, DC

As a valuable strategic partner, LBF Recruitment Strategies values the importance of making the right employer-employee match. Specializing in nationwide, senior-level recruitment, LBF Recruitment Strategies excels at supporting both clients and candidates throughout the entire search process with candid and objective insight, feedback and counsel.

LBF Recruitment Strategies conducts searches for a variety of senior level positions, including (but not limited to):

  • In-House Corporate Communications Roles
  • Public Relations Agency Roles
  • Social Media/Digital
  • Marketing (digital and traditional)
  • Business Development
  • C-Suite & Operational Roles

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We Work With You. Here’s How:

LBF Recruitment Strategies offers recruitment solutions to companies of all sizes and across a variety of industries.

Contained Search: Our most popular search partnership solution! A hybrid contingency-retainer model that combines the commitment and partnership of an executive retained search with the sense-of-urgency and incentive of a contingency search.

Executive Search: A traditional retained search solution for companies that are conducting searches for their most specialized, time-sensitive or confidential executive-level roles.

Project Recruitment: For companies making multiple hires at once, this search model offers a flat-fee, volume-based solution.

For more information, please contact LBF Recruitment Strategies at 312-725-8544 or Lisa@LBFStrategies.com.


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