When Is “When?”

“I’ll look for a new job when…”

“I’ll go on that vacation when…”

“I’ll go to the gym when…”

“I’ll start my own business when…”

Sound familiar?  Yeah, to me, too.  Perhaps it’s because I have a birthday coming up and I’m in the mode of assessing what I’ve done last year and what I want to do this year. But, lately, it seems like a lot of people around me are suffering from the “whens.”

Recently, I was coaching a 2011 college grad who reached out to me because he wanted nothing more than to get out of his parents’ house in Cleveland to start his post-college adult life in Chicago. After a year of living at home following his Big Ten college experience, it was clearly time for him to flee the coop.  Lucky for him, his aunt and uncle, who live in Chicago, offered him a place to stay (rent-free) until he got his feet off the ground in Chi-town. What a deal, right? So, what on earth was he still doing in Cleveland, you ask?  When I asked him that question, he told me that he just couldn’t go, yet.  He said he’d move when he felt like he had more “going on” in Chicago.  What exactly did that mean? When I pressed him on it, he couldn’t really define it either.

We all have goals and aspirations we say we want to achieve, but how often do we come up with reasons about why we can’t do so right now?  What stops us from turning our “whens” into “nows?”

Nobody can deny that resources are tighter than they ever have been. And it’s true that good jobs are harder to come by and bank accounts aren’t as cushioned as they once were. These days, it’s impossible to ignore that these obstacles are real. But, in many cases, fear is what really gets in the way of getting things off the ground.  Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure, and even fear of success.  Let’s be real, change can be scary and overwhelming.  Intellectually, we may know what we want, but it feels way less scary and a lot less real if we put it out there on the horizon – just a little too far out of our reach.

So, what are you waiting for? Outside of logistics and resources, what else is preventing you from going after what you want NOW?  Each time you put it off, the more time fades away.

Frankly speaking….if you really want to go on that vacation you’ve been saving up for, or go after that job that will take your career to the next level, or make that move to your favorite city, or start that company you’ve been dreaming about, pull out a piece of paper and a pen and start making a list of what you need to do to get the wheels in motion. It’s invigorating once you throw yourself into the here-and-now with your goals and start creating a plan to bring them to fruition. And you’ll see, once you commit yourself to making them happen and put the plan in action, the fear just starts to fade away. How do I know? Not only do I see these transformations and successes with my clients every day, I know all too well about all of this from my own personal and professional experiences, too.

This week, I challenge you to think about all the things that can happen in your life if you begin to turn your “whens” into “nows!”

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