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#FranklySpeakingFriday 9-25-2020

Virtual Interview Tips This week’s segment was inspired by one of my HR client partners who shared some insights with me about the recent virtual interviews she’s conducted. Her stories and feedback on how the candidates she’s met could’ve prepared and presented more effectively for interviewing in

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#FranklySpeakingFriday Sept 11, 2020

Today’s segment highlights tips about resume, and Insight into the best way to get an interview.

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#FranklySpeakingFriday Aug 28, 2020

GHOSTED! Have you ever been ghosted during the interview process?

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#FranklySpeakingFriday 8-21-20

Resiliency. Is the job search getting you down? Feeling discouraged, burned out, unmotivated? Listen here for some tips on how to stay positive, productive and resilient.  

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#FranklySpeakingFriday Aug 14, 2020

In today’s segment, I share advice about how to work with recruiters, tips on successful relationships, and ways to get their attention- especially during this COVID job market.  

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#FranklySpeakingFriday Aug 7, 2020

Don’t let your resume go into the hiring black hole! Listen here for some tips to get noticed in your job search!

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#FranklySpeakingFriday 7-31-2020

On today’s #FranklySpeakingFriday (7/31/2020): Hear tips about being DEFINED in they way you describe what you want in your career or next role! **Click the image to see the video. Here is the link if you need it! (FreeAdviceFridays is now FranklySpeakingFridays)

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#FreeAdviceFriday Episode 7 (May 29, 2020)

On today’s #FreeAdviceFriday (5/29/2020): Hear tips about COVID-related gaps on #resumes, how to share your expertise when part of a COVID hit industry, how to talk about #career accomplishments vs bragging, and more! PS Reminder: 10% Dsct on 8-session & 12-session career coaching packages until 5/31/202!

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Frank Reflections: Relationships

This week, I’ve found myself reflecting a lot on the silver linings and lessons gleaned from this unimaginable moment in time. One thing I keep coming back to is “relationships.” The relationships I have and am extra grateful for right now. The relationships that have become stronger

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#FreeAdviceFriday Episode 6 (May 22, 2020)

Today’s #FreeAdviceFriday: How to talk about salary, great viewer questions about ageism and putting your best foot forward….AND I’ve extended my Memorial Day Coaching FLASH SALE.

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