Ctrl + Alt + Delete

So, here we are. Entering into the final two weeks of 2012. I started this blog at the beginning of this year- Leap Day, to be exact – and my, oh my, how unknowingly symbolic that actually was. This year has been full of leaps that 10 months ago, I never would’ve believed that I would’ve taken. And I am eternally grateful. I actually sit here in amazement of how the Universe has such a way of “keeping you on your toes” in ways you’d never expect.

But yet again, this time of year has crept up on me way too fast, giving me a swift kick in the tuchas, whispering all of those sweet “R-word” nothings in my ear…rejoice, reflect, relax, refresh, rejuvenate and make your resolutions! And as I’ve tried to slow down and throw myself into the smells of potato latkes and the sounds of Christmas carols at every turn, I admittedly have been having a hard time “being in the moment”. How could that be? I’ve spent the past few months riding roller coasters and catching curveballs – what could possibly be missing now?

Apparently – the most important “R” word – Reboot.

A very wise woman suggested to me yesterday, that maybe I need a big, fat, old-fashioned Ctrl + Alt +Delete. She didn’t mean the kind where you turn off your cell phone and sit by a beach for week. She meant the kind where you step away from the chaos, do some genuine soul searching and start doing real things to awaken your spirit. And she was right.

We move so quickly and spend so much time just trying to keep up our daily to-do lists. Even with all of the reminders beeping at us from our phones and popping up on our computer screens, sometimes it feels like we are never ahead of the game no matter how hard we try. But we are also addicted to it. Because we fear that if we slow down, or even stop, that something might suffer. And it usually does – usually we suffer. Even when we get the huge promotion, or sign-on that big client or achieve whatever it is we are working towards- sometimes it just doesn’t do the trick. There is still this void deep down in our guts, just screaming at us to be filled.

I’ve decided that there is no time like the present to take this wise woman’s sage advice. As I’m assessing the year and starting to jot down my 2013 resolutions, I already know that I’m supposed to go to the gym more, eat healthier, spend less and keep my house cleaner. But this year, instead of just asking myself what I can live up to in the New Year, I’m taking a different approach. This year I’m going to first figure out what is going to make me feel alive. What is going to jolt me out of my routine and pinch my insides? What is going to kick me out of my comfort zone? What will force me to grow? What will motivate me to get up every morning and want to fulfill my resolutions, rather than to do them just to check them off the list? What will inspire me to push aside the practicalities, responsibilities, obligations and excuses – to push beyond the limits I see in front of me without any feelings of guilt or regret –– to truly Live Fully in 2013?

Care to join me?

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