Frankly, It’s Friday: Job Numbers Day

It’s the first Friday of the month. For most, it’s just like any other Friday – focused on getting through one more day of the work week to enjoy a short, well-deserved break.  For me, it’s another one of those Fridays where I wake up, glued to the news, in anticipation of what the economists are going to say this month about what I do for a living.  Before I was a recruiter, I didn’t know one thing about unemployment rates.  Everyone I knew had a job. Interviews were plentiful and companies were chomping at the bit to hire any smart, savvy, up-and-comer they could woo.

Yeah—those were the days.

And today?  Today, I wait for my “breaking news” email alert to tell me how many jobs we’ve added and how many percentage points the unemployment rate rose or fell each month. It’s like I’m somehow personally tied to the wins and set-backs.  But, then I go back into my office (okay- “open-environment cubicle”) for a reality check.

From month-to-month, the jobs reports fluctuate.  Sometimes they are better than expected, sometimes worse.  But, I can tell you, first-hand, companies ARE hiring.  The processes might be taking a lot longer and employers might be a lot pickier, but every day we are busy here scrambling to find the right candidates for a variety searches.

So, for those of you who are out of work, just graduating, or currently working while looking for your next big opportunity – keep at it.  It may not happen as smoothly or as quickly as it used to, but for someone who is in the hiring trenches daily, I’m here to remind you that your hard job-searching work will pay off. Stay the course. Go after what you want. Don’t give up.

Good things come to those who wait.

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  1. The first friday of the month is often when wine shops release their new wines for tasting. This is good to know if you're unemployed, like wine, are on tight budget and had a bad (or good) week on your job search.

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