LBF Recruitment Strategies

LBF Recruitment Strategies is an independent executive search and coaching firm founded in 2012 by Lisa B. Frank. As an experienced connector and professional recruiter, Lisa launched LBF Recruitment Strategies to match top senior-level talent with exceptional companies, nationwide, in the communications, public relations, marketing startup, sales and nonprofit industries. In addition to executive recruitment, LBF Recruitment Strategies also offers professional career and life coaching to assist those who are at a crossroads, feeling stuck or unsure of their next steps. Coaching services help clients to regain clarity and create a plan that will set them on a path to achieve their goals.

As a combination of both recruitment and coaching, LBF Recruitment Strategies also works directly with corporate executive management and HR teams, on a consulting basis, to help them better understand and determine their hiring needs and talent acquisition strategies so they attract the right talent to their organizations.

For more information about recruitment, coaching or consulting services, please contact LBF Recruitment Strategies at 312-725-8544.

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