Lisa B. Frank

Lisa B. Frank


“To me, it’s all about making connections and creating partnerships.

For as long as she can remember, Lisa Frank has been fascinated with people and their stories. Her gift for turning strangers into friends with her genuine interest in who they are, where they come from and where they want to go, has always been at the core of who she is– both personally and professionally. It is no wonder that Lisa has built her career upon the things she knows best: connecting, coaching and consulting.

Lisa began her career working in public relations, marketing and sales, which prepared her to her first recruiting role in 2006 as an advertising and PR recruiter at a firm in the Chicago suburbs. There, she was able to integrate all of her past experiences into her new career path. Through the twists and turns of the economy, Lisa continued to hone her skills as a full-cycle recruiter, partnering with global, mid-sized and boutique companies to effectively anticipate, plan for, and meet their talent acquisition needs.

“Tell me your story– about your business, your career, your life. And then tell me about your goals. Together we will make a plan to achieve them.”

It was through the downturn of the economy that Lisa uncovered her professional passion for career and life coaching. After spending a great deal of time talking to job seekers who were at professional and personal crossroads, Lisa’s work as a recruiter propelled her to obtain the necessary training to formalize her expertise in order to offer clients a more formal, holistic coaching experience.

Today, Lisa is the CEO of LBF Strategies, an independent executive recruitment and coaching firm, founded in 2012. LBF Strategies offers executive search services across a range of industries including, public relations, communications, marketing, nonprofit and startups. LBF Strategies also provides career and life coaching services to individuals, as well as talent acquisition strategy consulting to companies that don’t have robust internal HR/recruiting resources.

Lisa believes in creating partnerships with her clients by developing a deep understanding of their goals, and then helping them take the necessary steps to achieve them. Whether it’s working with a client to create a staffing plan that supports a business’ growth strategy or helping an individual identify their own professional passions, Lisa believes in providing honest, candid and constructive insight to help her clients find the right solution.

Lisa holds a master’s degree in Public Service Administration from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lisa was born and raised in Minneapolis and currently resides in Chicago.


Connecting. Coaching. Consulting.

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