The Tell-Me Vs. Show-Me Game

A wise man once told me “If you want to know what’s really going on, close your ears and open your eyes.”  Every now and again, when I’m trying to get to the true core of a situation – professional or personal – I hear him whispering in my ear, reminding me to “just watch.”  This week he was screaming.

This week I was lured into the ring of a cutthroat Tell-Me vs. Show-Me Game, not one I was remotely interested in playing. Words – many of them inappropriate and hurtful – were flying in my direction carelessly and ruthlessly, a strategy devised to distract from the actual issue at hand. The more I studied the actions, the more the words became insignificant and irrelevant.  Thankfully, my Frankness prevailed and carried me through the storm.

But, what was my takeaway?

Today, accountability is more magnified than ever. Charm and charisma might get you in the door, but it’s not enough to keep you inside.  In years past, the smooth and suave could talk their way in, around and out of any concern or issue that arose. But, those days are behind us.  In the workplace, companies have tighter budgets, fewer resources and less patience for those who don’t pull their weight.  Even in our personal lives, we use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and even Boolean searches to do “background checks” and monitor comings and goings.

It’s so ironic to me that in a world where we have access to so much information and things seem more transparent than ever, that so many still go wild with excuses when they are held accountable. I’m continuously baffled at people who are surprised or even offended when they are held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). What happened to integrity? What happened to the value of their word?

Times may have changed, but the old adages still ring true: Actions speak louder than wordsPut up or shut upThe proof is in the puddingDon’t tell me, show me.

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  1. So true! People think a wink and a smile is worth more than actually doing what they should.

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