Over the weekend, I was at a coffee shop with a friend catching-up and doing some work when the man sitting beside us butted into our conversation.  Now, I had secretly been observing him and listening to him talk to the other patrons all morning – but I was eavesdropping- not actually wanting to talk to him. Let’s just say he “beat to his own drum” – seemingly doing very important work at his table, pulling out newspapers and “materials” from his portable office that he carried around in shopping bags.  Not to mention, imposing, and I mean imposing, himself upon the other customers as he touted around his book (clearly self-published in the 70’s – also pulled out from the shopping bag), handed out his business card, and trapped people, who were just looking to relax with a cup of coffee and a book, in belabored conversation about his professional successes and upcoming business plan.  He was a “personal consultant” of sorts, preying on the Sunday morning coffee crowd to build his client roster.

As you can imagine, the last thing I wanted to do was engage him.  But, I too became trapped – literally – in the corner. Once he found out what I did for a living – there was no escaping. I decided that I just had to surrender for a few minutes…just like everyone else did.  I know what you’re thinking… “why didn’t you just put on your headphones or pretend that you were working?” Trust me, people, it just wasn’t that easy.

In any case, amidst his grandiose “presentation” to me, he actually hit on one thing that stuck with me: the distinction between change and transformation.  Admittedly, I’ve been thinking about it since (though, I’d never tell him). The concept: we can move through life, setting/meeting goals that yield changes – each time getting us closer to our bigger goal. But do those changes transform us?  Are we really calling upon all of our strengths, passions and talents to stretch beyond what we think is “in reach” to achieve our true ambitions?

Ironically, this was also in my inbox last night:

out of reach

So, in the spirit of Monday, with a full week ahead and a clean slate, how far will you reach?

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