When Gifts Arrive in Unexpected Packages

Ever since we can remember, we were taught to wish, pray and dream about the things we really, really wanted.  As kids, we just figured that if we blew out all of the birthday candles in one breath, or left the best cookies and milk for Santa, or prayed enough every night before bed – the gifts that we asked for would appear. And often times they did. We found them hidden in the basement or amongst the other gifts under the tree, and we knew what they were way before we tore off the wrapping paper. Even though we were pretty sure that all of the energies we put into wishing, praying, hoping and dreaming actually paid off, a teeny tiny part of us still kind of “expected” to see those packages all wrapped up with our names on them.

As we’ve grown older, no matter how pragmatic, realistic, or jaded we’ve become, we still do it.   Even though we might not believe in Hanukkah Harry, birthday candle superstitions, or any type of higher power anymore, a part of us still wants to believe that if we put enough faith and thought into it, the gifts that we ask for will arrive, wrapped in their perfect packages with our names on them, just waiting to bring us all of the happiness we are looking for.

And sometimes they still do. But sometimes, they show up unexpectedly, in different size boxes than we predicted or maybe even months or years after we initially asked for them. They arrive at our doorsteps, out of the blue, with our names written on them in big bold letters – ready and waiting for us to open them and enjoy.

This summer, I’ve been reminded about and inspired by blessings in disguise, small things that come in big packages, big things that come in small packages and the good things that come to those who wait.  When opportunity knocks, open the door. It may not look like anything you’ve asked for, but when it’s there on your front stoop, staring you in the face, don’t overlook it too quickly. It may just be the best gift you’ve ever received.

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