When You Least Expect It

“When you least expect it.” Those go-to, sage words of wisdom that people inevitably share with you when you’re feeling single and alone, or panicked because business is slow, or when you are just in an overall life rut.  They say it with that reassuring smile like they know something you don’t. As a little whisper in your ear to incentivize you not to lose faith when you’re really down. And while I would more often than not reply to that statement with a roll of the eyes, I recently had a change of heart.

When I started Frankly Speaking a little more than a year ago, I was immersed full-time at a recruiting firm – one that had been beaten up by The Great Recession and was slowly emerging from the ruts of a jobless recovery. Although business was just starting to get better, I realized that I wanted more. So I began blogging as an initial, but pivotal step to moving me closer to my passions. For well over 2 years prior, I felt like my world had been in “Groundhog’s Day “mode and I found myself wondering what happened to all of my plans?  I was finally re-inspired to put my own life plan back into action – and to help others do the same.

Personally, I spent many a Saturday at Starbucks with my mentor/coach laying out all of the steps I would take over the next year of my life to achieve my goals. I had so much that I wanted to do. These were big girl steps that I wanted to take.  I’d spent way too much time on the baby staircase.  I needed to make some real changes.

I finally had a plan. I was finally back on track.

But, as we know, life rarely goes as planned, and things we hope and wish for don’t always come to us in the way that we think they will.

When you least expect it.

You see, one of my goals was career advancement, leadership and autonomy, but I never imagined that my company would suddenly close its doors– leaving me the opportunity to open my own.  I knew that after 11 ½ years of living in the same apartment building that I wanted to move, but I never thought that my living environment would change enough to force me to do it without looking back. And when I set out to be a career/life coach, I never thought that the random girl eavesdropping on me at Starbucks might lead me to my next partnership.

Yes. All of these things were in my plan, but not at all the way I planned them.

Frankly speaking, the past year has taught me that extraordinary things can happen when you truly commit to making changes.  Sometimes they happen at inopportune times or in ways that come out of left field, but it’s so important to be open to accepting them when they appear – especially if it’s when you least expect it.



  1. yes yes yes.

  2. Amen sister!

  3. Love this Lisa!! So inspiring and just what I needed to read today.

  4. Very glad to have read and been inspired by this post. Thank you Lisa!

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