"Lisa cares. She is a recruiter and a coach with a heart and a conscience."

- Vice President, Chicago, IL

"Lisa cares. She is a recruiter and a coach with a heart and a conscience."

- Vice President, Chicago, IL

"Lisa cares. She is a recruiter and a coach with a heart and a conscience."

- Vice President, Chicago, IL

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“I have met many recruiters over the past 14 years – and I have never worked with someone as thorough, thoughtful and smart as Lisa. She isn’t about putting body into seats. She’s about the right fit for the company AND the candidate. She answers her phone calls, discusses any concerns and responds quickly. She’s about building teams. She is a trusted confidante for both client and candidate. I think she should open a school on how to be a real recruiter! I would work with her any day.”

– Vice President, San Francisco, CA

“Exciting news…the offer has been accepted!!! ONE MILLION thanks to you for all of your insight, advice, and support! You are a patient and kind woman. Truly, I am eternally grateful for all that you have done to support me in this process and get me to this point. You know I will continue to sing your praises to my friends and acquaintances, so I hope that they make their way to you. Everyone can benefit from a few hours with you…and needs to. A million thanks again!”

– Sr. Marketing Manager, Chicago, IL

“Lisa Frank is an absolute pleasure to work with and helped us find the perfect match for our company. Lisa is professional, strategic, talented and drives success. Always going the extra mile, Lisa guided us through the recruiting process with sage advice while patiently answering all our questions. Lisa’s attention to detail and expertise resulted in several candidates that fit our available position. We’ve worked with other recruiters who didn’t meet our expectations. But Lisa exceeded our expectations 10 times over! While we thought it could be a difficult undertaking, Lisa’s jumped right in, providing creative ideas and counsel to ensure the candidate met our requirements and fit in with our company culture. I highly recommend Lisa for all your recruiting needs and will definitely tap into her expertise for our next search.”

-Partner & Senior VP, NY & CA

“Lisa is a very talented staffing strategist that I would recommend to any corporation seeking staffing counsel. What is most impressive about Lisa is her ability to maintain an accurate, real-time pulse on national and local/regional business trends across public relations, communications, advertising and marketing industries. Lisa is also highly connected to key players and various industry leaders, stemming from her years of experience on both the agency and corporate sides of the business. Lisa consistently provides highly-targeted candidate pools for candidate searches at all levels.”

– Sr. Vice President, Chicago, IL

“Lisa listens. She understands and has great insights, and makes great connections for people. I highly recommend Lisa as a recruiter and counselor.”

– Sr. Vice President, New York, NY

“Lisa Frank is a recruiting superstar – she is somebody who goes to any lengths for her clients (on both sides of the coin), and is relentless in getting the job done right. Lisa is smart and somebody you can trust with your career/agency talent search – she is also a genuinely good person and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Vice President, Chicago, IL


LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC is a certified woman-owned business, providing executive search, career coaching, and talent acquisition consulting services nationwide.


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